8 CPD Points

* Understand what HSWA means for CEO leadership of H&S
* Leverage these obligations to create new leadership opportunities


One-day course for CEOs

This one-day course is for CEOs who want to ensure they have a sound foundation on which to build their health and safety leadership.

It focuses on the CEO’s key obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA). It also explores how CEOs can leverage these obligations to create opportunities for better health and safety and improved business performance overall.

This is not a legal or technical session. It will provide CEOs with an overview of their legal duties, and will then explore what meeting those duties might look like in practice for a CEO.

That includes a facilitated discussion to identify key leadership mindsets and practices that can help CEOs. Attendees will get practical advice on how to ‘step into your organisation’, understand how work is done, and the CEO’s role in facilitating improvements.

Who is this course for?

This course is highly recommended for CEOs still getting to grips with the HSWA’s implications for their role, or those new to the CEO role. It is also an excellent refresher for more seasoned CEOs wanting assurance that their health and safety leadership remains on track.

The course includes four modules, covering key areas of the HSWA:

* Due diligence
* Mental health and wellbeing
* Critical risk
* Supply chain relationships (overlapping PCBUs)

This course will be delivered by Dr Philip Voss of Leading Safety, who co-delivers the Executive Leadership Programme.

Attending the Obligation Creates Opportunity course is highly recommended for anyone wanting to go on and complete the Programme’s more intensive 2-day CEO course.

The Obligation Creates Opportunity course is free for Forum CEOs. There is an opportunity for Forum members to also run the course with their leadership teams or boards. For information about costs and availability of this option please contact info@zeroharm.org.nz.