Forum Strategy 2021 - 2031

The Forum today launched a 10-year Strategy setting out a new vision and strategic work pillars. 

The Forum Strategy 2021 - 2031 is based on a vision of: Leaders Building Cultures that Enable People and Businesses to Thrive. 

Despite sweeping regulatory reforms post Pike River, and increased investment in workplace health and safety by businesses and government, New Zealand’s overall performance on workplace harm has not improved as expected.

Over the last 10 years, 8000 New Zealanders have died because of their jobs and another 60,000 have been hospitalised. The number of serious workplace injuries is higher now than in 2012. With that in mind, the Forum's Steering Group worked to develop a new, bolder strategy. 

The new strategy aims to re-frame the conversation about workplace health and safety – moving it from one focused on obligation and compliance, to one focused on how leaders can develop cultures that enable good work design, where people and businesses can thrive. These are cultures that focus on creating ‘better work’, not just ‘better workers’.

The strategy supports senior leaders to continually learn and evolve, so they can implement work arrangements in their organisations and across their supply chains that prevent the most significant harms to people, and that contribute to better business results.

It uses the Forum’s collective influence to positively change the wider environment that affects how business gets done, including the role of government as a regulator, policymaker and client.

The strategy was launched at the Forum's Annual General Meeting today and is already being implemented. 

Forum Strategy 2021 2031 PDF • 219 KB