Living with Covid Principles - in 2022 and beyond

These Principles have been updated on 28 February 2022 to reflect Phase 3 of the Government's Omicron response.

Developed by the GM Safety Forum (supported by HASANZ) in consultation with the Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum and others.

"Living with Covid” provides a series of high level principles through a mix of resources, guidance and stand-alone posters for businesses to use as we live with Covid in our workplaces in 2022 and beyond.

This guidance provides some high-level principles, a universal Covid bowtie risk framework, and some allied support around post-infection (including contact tracing, isolation and testing).

The content has been developed by the GM Safety Forum which involves 80+ large organisations throughout NZ (supported by HASANZ), in consultation with Ministry of Health, WorkSafe, and the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum.

Download the Principles here.

Use this guidance for risk assurance

We would encourage senior leaders to use this Covid risk guidance to undertake some risk assurance of their current approaches for managing Covid in their business.

  • How clear are you on the balance of preventive and recovery controls?
  • How have you tested your controls and their effectiveness?
  • Have you tested or practiced your post incident (recovery) controls?
  • How have you engaged and communicated with staff on the critical risk controls, including the “why”?
  • How have you engaged and communicated with your supply chain partners on your critical controls?
  • How do intend to regularly review these controls, their effectiveness and the changing context?
  • How does general mental well-being sit in your control mix?