Tim Marsh
Behavioural Safety Expert

Tim Marsh


Safety expert Tim Marsh offers CEOs five tips for building a culture that supports safety.

Watch the video and discuss with your teams.

In this short and highly-entertaining presentation, Tim offers leaders five tips and ideas that can help them build a workplace culture that supports good health and safety. These are:

  1. Leaders get the safety performance they deserve.
  2. What leaders say is powerful, so they need to be strategic in what they focus on.
  3. Praise and questions are 20 times more powerful for changing behaviour than criticism
  4. It’s impossible to eliminate all mistakes, so leaders should focus on reducing the consequences of mistakes.
  5. The best question leaders can ask workers about safety is: ‘Is there anything slow, inconvenient, or uncomfortable about doing this job safely?’ That’s because the answer will tell you where corners are being cut to get the job done.

Watch: Tips for Building a Safety Culture (2016)

“If you want to understand your safety culture look at what happens in the middle of a busy shift on a busy day. That is your safety culture.”