colin crampton
Former CEO

Colin Crampton

Wellington Water

In 2016, Wellington Water identified a weakness in how it engaged with its contractors, potentially affecting delivery and health and safety.

Changing the ‘master, servant’ model

CEO Colin Crampton wanted to change what was a ‘master, servant’ model to a peer-to-peer approach focusing on one vision for everyone.

The number one thing he wanted to do to turn things around was build a relationship with the suppliers who worked with Wellington Water.

So he decided to visit them all personally - to have a conversation outside the contract.


Watch: Co-designing HS with Suppliers (2018)

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Co-designing HS with Suppliers (2018) PDF • 482 KB

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“My advice to any CEO is that a peer-to-peer relationship with your supply chain … is going to get much better results than driving it through a mechanical system, contract or framework.”