Daniel Hummerdal
Safety II Expert

Daniel Hummerdal

Former Director, Art of Safety

Daniel Hummerdal explains the ‘Safety II’ approach to health and safety, and how CEOs can put it to good use.

Watch the videos, read the guide, and discuss with your teams.

In the first of the two videos, Daniel Hummerdal explains why organisations can’t ‘win the war on error’. Human beings will always make mistakes. So, health and safety systems need to take this into account.

In the second video Daniel outlines how CEOs can use a Safety II approach to better understand how work is done in their organisations and to use that information to make work safer and more productive.

The Learning from Success guide summarises the key points in the videos.

These resources were created in 2017 when Daniel was a director of Art of Safety. In October 2018 he took up a role as Chief Advisor Health and Safety Innovation at WorkSafe NZ.

Watch: Why We Can't Win the War on Error (2017)

Watch: How Leaders Can Put a Safety II Approach into Practice (2017)

Learning from Success (2017) PDF • 1.7 MB

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“Safety is the presence of an ability that enables things to go right - across varying conditions.”